espaço de informações sobre o encontro para sinergia e convergencia entre co-criadores e colaboradores de metodologias para a transição


Stanley Nyoni is an experienced facilitator/host of dialogues and participatory processes related to sustainability. He is also a senior sustainability advisor of The Natural Step Framework which is used by both public and private organizations. Current exciting project is the One Future One Planet project a global initiative for building sustainable communities.



Attached separate


Stanley Nyoni

Rte Suisse 6H

1296 Coppet



Tel: +46794104875

Question: –  Your answer to “What’s the question you have been asking yourselves

regarding social practices and technologies for the Transition?

–          to what extent can we (as practitioners) push the boundaries for other people to connect to their deeper consciousness?

About the One Future One planet

The One Future One Planet project brings together individuals and organizations from all backgrounds and walks of life to create an empowering new vision for what our future could be. It focuses this vision into a desire & commitment to work together to make this vision a reality, today

We also share this belief and are core-created a process’s for:

  1. Catalyzing a Vision and commitment. Through a series of dialogues about the future we want, called the The Global Dialogues, we guide participants to Connect, Envision, Engage, Reflect and Share – discover and explore what we need to learn, change and act on to create a society that is a home for all of us, and honors our planet and the future generations. At the end of the session we will reach individual and group commitments on the actions we would like to take towards building this vision. Participants have the possibility to join this global initiative by adopting Global Dialogue methodology to tape into the wisdom of their community and start on their own journey. Have a look at the video the Global Dialogues.
  2. Synergize actions and partnerships. We are designing a support system to enable the participants to Individually and collectively take the actions in a way that is synergized and builds community. We are currently designing this system, what we are learning form the Global Dialogues is that this system needs to provide psychological, social, technical and entrepreneurial support to create impact on 3 factors, Planet, Happiness and Life.

Currently we have held dialogues in 12 countries and 8 more are already planned.All the countries will continue after Rio+20 and we expect more to join. Visit YouTube channel:

I have attached a document that describes the methodology in more detail separately.


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